I’m Béla and I have a hunch:
for some reason I know that you’re not interested in me.

Anyway, that’s me in the middle playing Temple Run with the kids and Béla is a common male Hungarian name 🙂

Title Generator started as a hobby, more like a personal tool and became a dedicated website when it received about 200 shares on Facebook.

image of 1.2k shares according to sharedcount.com
Right now it has over 1.8k shares according to sharedcount.com

It was made to generate content ideas, although you may actually use it to create headlines.

Title Generator is an excellent ground to test SEO Factors.

You’ll find plenty of copywriting tests in the blog. I even took a kourse in kopywriting… it was money well spent.

Title Generator got cloned and hacked a few times. It was a good experience – I started becoming a website security expert 🙂

Whenever I recommend a WordPress Theme, an app, a course or a solution, it means that I purchased and tested for 6 months before I’ve written about it.

…one last thing:
Guestposting – you have to present a strong case (aka convince me) and find a way to get in touch 🙂

February 13, 2024, 4:26 pm