Headline Scorecard

Ask the audience how is your headline. headline scorecard 5 criteria

  1. Does it match expectations? Does the content deliver on it? Is it a Clickbait?
  2. It really grabs your attention? Is it ordinary?
  3. Is it Clear? Or Clever?
  4. Is it to the Point?
  5. Does it highlight a Benefit?

Once you finished scoring your headline, a unique url is generated with your info - or you can create a goo.gl shortlink and share it.
Comments on the Goo.gl shortlink are only available for that particular score.

You can also leave the url in the comments on this page.
Check back later to see comments on your headline.


Headline Scorecard:

Matches Expectations

Grabs Attention

Is Clear

To the Point

Highlights a Benefit

Your Headline is auto-saved at the below URL:

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