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10 of the Most Popular Plugins Available on WordPress Today

With 29% of all websites in the world powered by WordPress, the content management system must be doing something right! Literally millions of business owners use this content management system to build themselves the ideal website.

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Booking a Flight: Price Bait

This story can be looked at as a good (or bad) example how the Low Price hook is used online when booking a flight.

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Cloned Website? - Here's What To Do

Believe it or not: this website got hacked once. This could happen to anyone.
Here's the quick story

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How To Write the Perfect Headline?

It may sound repetitive, but your article titles do make a difference whether your content gets read or not.

Here’s an interesting example:

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Free Autoresponder?

The Affordable Way To Build A List

Choosing an autoresponder service nowadays should be easy.

After all there are quite a few reviews out there to make your job easier.

But there is a catch

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Neil Patel's New Backlinking Strategy

Probably you already know how successful Neil Patel is, but if you haven't heard of him, just by running a quick Google Search will reveal his notoriety.

If you ever downloaded anything from his site(s), or, you are probably part of his newsletter in which he updates you on his latest blogposts.

And he does write a lot – Neil Patel is a content creating killer machine who will

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